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A website is more than just a shop front of your business. It is your customers first impression of what you do, and the manner in which you do it.

I’ve been designing websites for people for over 4 years now, from universities to aromatherapists. The truth is that the standard of web design is an ever climbing benchmark, and a web site has to do much more than just communicate information, it is the living core of your brand.


Coventry University’s new Alumni Hub was a restructuring of over 500 pages information and new features to make the website vastly better at converting and engaging it’s audience. And at the same time, a new visual language was created for the website, one designed to convey the friendliness and enthusiasm of the alumni team.

Creating works of art in code.

When your customer visits your website, they make their most essential judgement of your business in only 7 seconds. A website is the body language of your business and as such a web designer has to understand the way you work, and how your customers interact with you and your business.

Whilst I currently host over 20 businesses’ websites, I also develop responsive email templates for some of the biggest publishers in the UK, as well as animated banners, and user interface designs for apps.

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