SME Branding Showcase

SME & Startup Branding Showcase

A selection of branding for SMEs and new businesses (including applications of branding through web products and stationary.)

Dave Kettlewell Photography – Colour Spider Business Card, Brand and Website – 2013.

This business card was created for well known Press & PR photographer Dave Kettlewell. During the project, it was identified that much of his networking was with editors and artwork purchasers within publishing and media firms, who often need to carry and purchase colour spiders, so that their monitors will be properly calibrated with CMYK print colours.

We arrived at the idea that making the business card function as a colour spider (so that it could be used to calibrate a monitor) would make the card extremely useful for his potential clients. This way, the card might be carried with them, and used repeatedly. The goal of advertising is to ensure that the customer remembers your service or product when the time comes to make a purchase, so by creating a business card that stays with your customer, and provides them with a functional use, your brand is always close at hand in the event of a purchasing decision.

Dave Kettlewell Business Cards
We also constructed a website as part of this branding project.
Dave Kettlewell Website Design

I Can Do Soccer Development – 2012

I Can Do works in conjunction with primary schools to provide football coaching sessions that have a positive rather than competitive focus.
By focusing on team building, confidence and life skills for children, I Can Do has had many success stories, improving children’s attitude towards their education, and improving their confidence, well-being, and at the same time their fitness.

I Can Do Logo
A website was also developed for I Can Do. The brand’s professional but personable clockwork was carried through to the website by making each webpage look like a notepad resting on a football pitch. The goal here is to contextualise the actual service in the imagination of the viewer. A video was also commissioned for the front page, produced by our creative partners York Place Films.

I Can Do website

TAFAT Community Theatre – New Branding, Stationary & Website – 2013

The First & Third Age Theatre company is a community enterprise that focuses on spanning the generation gap and creating performances where youth and experience are combined. As a social project this is extremely successful, as it ensures that it’s performances and projects have a wide appeal. TAFAT also does lots of other community projects, and it’s organisers have a long standing history of excellent social & charity projects.

For TAFAT, a typographic logo was created to work along side a stunning visual logo created by artist Angela Chalmers. This was followed by a website, and print assets for their performance ‘One Day in December.’

TAFAT ticket.
TAFAT Small Performance Poster
TAFAT large Performance Poster

Go 4 It – New Website and Artwork Style – 2012

Go4it is a socially responsible training firm with almost 20 years of success stories. They deliver courses for improving skills within organisations and also provide business start up courses for those leaving unemployment to create their own business.

Training firms are often branded in an overtly ‘professional manner’ often leaving the dynamic aspect of self improvement to their logo alone. As go4it’s website acts as a resource for it’s students, the opposite approach was explored, creating a visually engaging and memorable design that physicalises the passion and enthusiasm that go4it have as well as their personal approach.

Go 4 It New Art Style.

Elizabeth Leonard Reiki School – 2014

Elizabeth Leonard, a reknown healer, approached me to create a new brand style for her business last year. Along with this, new stationary was created to. We couldn’t resist the opportunity to create a contemporary design that fused traditional Japanese pattern. Unlike most healers, this art style does not deploy lavender and hand written fonts in abundance, and instead connects to the more dynamic and serious aspect of the discipline of reiki and the science of aromatherapy. Aiming at an audience perceive their healing journey as being essential.

Elizabeth Leonard Business Card
Elizabeth Leonard Reiki Certificates

The Celebrant New Branding & Website

The Celebrant, a ministerial service delivered by Colin Nolan, is tailored to the individual, personal, and compassionate. The brand would reflect that sensitivity, and (in a spiritual sense) tell the story of life itself, in the response to creating a brand that would be identifiable for those going through the difficult task of choosing a minister for the funeral of a loved one and for the joyeous task of finding a minister for marriage.

The client came with the strong idea of using a tree, and so this tree has at it’s centre an infinity logo. When online, the tree logo animates, to move through seasonal transitions.

Transition logo concept

This logo goes through it’s seasonal transitions on the website.
Elizabeth Leonard Reiki Certificates

Anna Lowe Careers Consultant – 2013

The bridge motif was chosen as being representative of the truest function of a Career’s Consultant. A diverse colorway was created for AL Careers, as well as the choice of using cream instead of white in communications (cream is actually easier to read for those with visual impairment.)

AL Careers Logo

Elizabeth Leonard Reiki Certificates
business card rear face:
Elizabeth Leonard Reiki Certificates

Progression Properties –  New Branding & Website – 2014

Progression Properties specialise in offering affordable accommodation to people coming our of drug addiction and prison convictions. They wanted a highly professional looking brand for presentations and collaboration with other charity entities.

Progression Properties Logo Application

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