Publishing Artwork & Concept Design

Artwork & Concept Design

Making your visual idea into a reality is a beautiful process, and my service is based on quality, quality of execution, quality of understanding, and quality of communication, be it through digital painting, ink and line, watercolour and oil, and CAD visualisation.

The art of holding the eye.

By creating artwork with dynamic placement of subject and line, an image can jump out of it’s setting, and literally grab the attention of the viewer. By creating artwork that is designed from different perspectives, the same piece of art can displace competing thumbnails in a media library, and have an all consuming depth on big prints that will keep it at the front of a record collection.

The design of designing

I tailor my process to each client, integrating them into the process as—ultimately—it is their idea that is being given form. I take time to understand my client’s market, the means of distribution, and their target market, this means work is efficient in it’s creation, and razer sharp as a commercial marketing tool.

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