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Branding is almost a magical art filled with strange terminology designed to confuse those outside of it’s industry. But the truth is that branding is simply the emotional reaction to your business.


The Cambridge Centre’s logo and brand, created as a result of focus groups with their service users, captured the essence of their service and re-energised their internal moral.

understanding your ‘clockwork’

In designing perfect communications, it is essential to understand exactly what is being communicated. In branding, this can be open ended, as you are communicating the attitude, service, tone of voice and approach of a business that can often have many services. This is why the creative process starts with learning, the result of which being to define the core aspects of both the business and what the business wants to say about itself. This is called the ‘clockwork.’

Achingly beautiful, fascinatingly original & monstrously eye-catching

I won’t bore you by spending time explaining how important it is to get seen amongst your competitors, that an original design is essential if you are to stand out from the crowd when your in a line up for a customer and so on and so forth. For me, design is an art grounded in the interfacing between the visual sense and the mind, and so the opposite of camoflage is required. This doesnt have to be garish, loud colours, it can often be achieved through cleverness, such as designing a business card that acts as an essential tool for your clients, or by understanding the visual world that your industry sits in, and making your business visually sit on top of it.

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