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The Cambridge Centre.

Research led branding development....

Coventry University.

New online prescence for the Development Team....

Brave Young God – Sinking Rhombus

Artwork for Debut Album...


New Art Style and Website for Socially funded Training Company....

GYGO Special.

Monochrome printed poster....

Cardboard Cyborg

T shirt design...

Progression Properties

New brand style...

Connor Lawlor ‘Castles’

Debut EP...

I Can Do Soccer Foundation



New branding, website and print materials....

Elizabeth Nash Reiki School

New brand and stationary...

AL Careers

New Brand and website....


  • Meeting Callum was one of those moments in life when you think this meeting was for a purpose. I wanted a website to express my passion and advertise my newly created company. We both met by chance and we spoke of my venture, with passion and raw information Callum guided me and nurtured me to express my vision in the right context.

    Mark Sansom. CEO I Can Do Soccer foundation.
  • Callum's a godsend. He took my vague, woolly website ideas by the scruff of the neck and crafted a brightly branded, impactful and easily navigable website for my proofreading business TheWriterTheBetter. I would never have thought anybody could make a proofreader's business look so attractive and contemporary, but he managed it!

    Jenny Drewery. Professional Proofreader.
  • Callum Nash re-designed the website of the Alumni Office at Coventry University in 2010 ( impressed me with his professional manner and his ability to take our rather vague ideas and turn them into quirky, playful and engaging designs. The structure he implemented reflected not only knowledge of current website trends, as well as of our operation, but also the thoughtful approach he takes to his work – every part is created with the visitor’s main interests or motives for visiting the website in mind to encourage further clicks and repeated visits. Overall, I am very happy with his work and the website he created for me and highly recommend him. He created all templates and graphics used on our website and even wrote some of the content. His communication throughout the design process was impeccable and he included me every step of the way. He introduced engaging features, such as a Facebook plug in that allows commenting on the website, as well as a new blog feature (Community Sketchbook). He also created a detailed ‘How to’ guide for the use of our team. I have experienced Callum as a capable, reliable, exceptionally creative and friendly individual with strong organisational and time management skills.

    Kristina Anders, Alumni Relations Manager, Coventry University
  • Callum has managed to support my first business venture and smooth the vast transition to self employment with vision, creativity and a sense of humour ! You can't afford not to employ him.

    Anna Lowe, private Careers Consultant

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black box & synectic design method

The first aspect of design is understanding the problem that you are solving. This is why most projects are led by research and understanding exactly what you are trying to achieve. In the intitial processes of concepting and development, 'black box' design method is applied with the aim of both curtailing any biases that the designer may have and encouraging original solutions. This was famously used to design the engine casings on Concorde.

Focus Groups

Often no one knows your business better than those who use your product, and it is their reaction that is critical. I have used focus groups to design brands for charities. It is an essential technique to closing gaps in knowledge, and often leads to entirely new insights about the design.

corporate rewiring

For brands, it is key that the designer understands the business, publisher or artist that they are designing for, so that the visual style be a mirror of the way that business works, or the way that artist creates. In other areas, such as designing artwork guidelines, websites or presentation templates, the end product will be interacted with daily, and have life breathed into it by the staff who sit inside the shop front, or the music spinning around the vinyl label. Branding and stationary must both be designed to fit the client. Taking this a step further, corporate rewiring is all about tapping the creative capacity of a business, allowing it to contribute to the businesses drive and innovation. Through design, I have created artwork guidelines that function as presentation templates, allowing staff members to create beautiful presentations and posters.


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